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Symposium Location:
The symposium will take place August, 6 to August, 9 - 2018 at Konferenzzentrum Ebertor, Heerstrasse 172, Boppard, Deutschland / . Please find detailed information on this website, where you can register to attend (registration is required). If you have any questions, call 0049-15228638960 or direct us to our e-mail: pricom@pricom2018.de.


»Eberbacher Court« at Boppard

For 500 years, from 1341 to the French Revolution, the »Eberbach Court«, one of the big governmental centres of the Eberbach property in the 14th century, resided where today’s Ebertor-Parkrestaurant has its place. The court’s end came with the French Revolution. The last housekeeper of the court, Benedikt Kalt, bought the place for 3.675 Salian Francs.
During the last quarter of the 19th century the building became the property of Franz Thonet, the eldest son of Boppard born furniture manufacturer Michael Thonet. He had an intricate villa build at the former place of the court. Until March 16th , 1945, when the villa burned down after being hit by the artillery, the grand building was used for many different purposes, such as spa hotel, »Town Garden« and as »Hotel Rheinterrasse (Rhine Terrace Hotel)«.
In 1949 ownership eventually went from the Thonet’s heir Gertrude Stoeck née Andreae, to the family Fußhöller, who in 1953 started the rebuilding of the house.